We’re Moving to Turkey!
Ataturk, cleanliness, NATO, Turkey and Greece

We’re Moving to Turkey!

What I knew about Turkey on December 12, 2010 :

. . . that Turkey is a member of NATO.

. . . that the ancient ruins of Ephesus are located there.

. . . that friends who visited Turkey seemed to like it, and one even said the country was quite clean.

. . . that Turkey had a leader named Ataturk (I was confused about how his name related to the country’s name).

. . . that Turkey and Greece are not good friends.

On December 13, my husband found out that his employer, 3M Company, was transferring him (us) to Istanbul for 2-3 years. An adventure was beginning, and despite mixed feelings, I started reading up on “my” new country. What I read, I liked. Since then, I have made two brief and enjoyable visits to Turkey, and will formally relocate there on June 19. I hope you’ll join me via my blog.

6 thoughts on “We’re Moving to Turkey!

  1. Great idea, Sue. I look forward to following your adventures! I’ve been reading through some of my mom’s letters from overseas – what a priceless resource – so I hope you have time to keep us all informed.

  2. Robert and I look forward to hearing of your experiences in and impressions of Turkey. Safe travels this weekend. Best wishes to you and Sankar on this new leg of your life’s journey.

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